What we're up to

The SVA are currently on standby, awaiting calls for assistance and are happy to help those that need it. As it is the holidays, our exec and volunteers are spread across the country and so we have people in Christchurch, Wellington and elsewhere who are able to be mobilised. If you need help, or if you just want a few friendly faces to lend a hand with, then we are the people for you.

Please also remember to connect with your neighbours and nearby friends to check that they are okay - this event may have stirred up emotions that we thought were far behind us, so it is important to band together and help those who need it. 

And on a another note, please be aware of the weather warnings occurring currently, keep your radio or television on to stay updated and stay safe. 

Thinking of all those affected. Much love, the SVA team. xx

If you need help

If you or anyone you know are in need of help - be it labour, food or just a smile and some kind words - we are here for you.

Our volunteers are enthusiastic, hard working and all around fantastic people. Whether you need a few people to clean up earthquake damage at Grandmas house or you need 100 people to help the whole town, we'll try our best to sort it out.


if you want to help

Great people such as yourself and all of our volunteers shine in times of trial such as this. We simply wouldn't be able to make this happen if we didn't have so many dedicated and caring organisations and individuals such as yourselves supporting us.

To see what you can be involved with, keep an eye on our Facebook page, the SVA app, and this website.


There are so many ways to give to this cause, but if you would like to give monetarily through us, we have all the information you need. As we are a non-profit, we need all the help we can get.

Anything helps, and money helps us buy exactly what they need, but food, water, and other emergency supplies can all be donated through us or other organisations.