Student Volunteer Army hosts Prince Harry!

On Tuesday, the 12th of May, SVA had the honour of hosting His Royal Highness Prince Harry at University of Canterbury, on his Royal Visit in New Zealand. The executive committee spent the morning setting up all our displays, so we could show Harry what SVA is all about. We were all super excited to meet him, as was the crowd- some who waited out from 1pm, even when it started to bucket down with rain followed by massive hail! The dedication did pay off though when Harry arrived around 3pm and after a discussion about the origins of SVA, was invited out into the rain to see the UC students. The crowd went nuts as Harry was led through the display we had set up for him. We were able to show him about some recent projects for us this year including: repairing bikes with RAD bikes, our weekend Green Platoon projects and the hut we are building/renovating which we rescued from the city's red zone. We also got to explain to him how we recently helped out with disaster relief for Vanuatu, and Nepal. Harry was a really great guy, and showed a lot of interest in everything we are working on. He even gave out some of the cupcakes we had to the adoring crowd! We hope that the students enjoyed this experience as much as we did, as it's not every day that you get to meet a Royal!

Much preparation and organisation led up to this day running as smooth as it did. We owe a huge thanks to a few contributors....

  • RAD bikes for allowing us to join in on their amazing project, and thereby providing our team with some skills to show off to Harry. We really loved collaborating with them!
  • CityCare- our gold sponsor- for providing us with road cones. 
  • Ilam Florists for providing beautiful bouquets for our road cones- this really added to the authenticity of our display!
  • The Cake Eating Co for supplying delicious cupcakes in 6 different flavours with our logo printed on the top. The crowd really appreciated these, and Prince Harry loved giving them out!