Earthquake Response Developments as at 18/11/16

We have been super busy following the earthquakes on Sunday/Monday! We had people up all night preparing for and helping evacuees, we've been working with Civil Defence and the Defence Force, and we are even sending people into a heavily damaged district on Saturday. We've got some great people doing great things!

On Wednesday night, the SVA recruited over 100 wonderful volunteers with less than 2hrs notice, to help with the arrival of evacuated tourists from Kaikoura. Volunteers helped prepare 210 beds at the University of Canterbury Uni Hall student accommodation. We also had a team of 30 volunteers travel across to Lyttleton at midnight to unload the 7 tonnes of luggage from HMNZS Canterbury. Another team of volunteers met the evacuees when they arrived at Uni hall.

Following a scouting mission by SVA to Waiau this morning, we have found that the community up there is sufficiently supplied and their needs are being taken care of due to the amazing work done by disaster response organisations and other volunteer groups. As a result, we are sending a small contingent of volunteers to Waiau to carry out a number of projects aimed at helping members of the Hurunui community get back on their feet.

The SVA would like to sincerely thank all those who gave up their time to help out, we are so grateful for the immediate responsiveness of people to volunteer and for the kind words of those who can't help! Thank you all for being so caring and giving with your time and energy so far.

Much love from the SVA team xxx