SVA Launches Verification Record with UC


The CCR is the Co-curricular transcript, which is able to track and validate your activitiesoutside of university course work. Ultimately it means all your hard when you volunteer for SVA can be formally recognised.


get involved in something different 

Having something extra to show when you apply for jobs 

Take a break from the books 

Make the most of every opportunity the university of Canterbury and SVA has to offer you 


SVA events: community engagement and participation is an essential skill that you can have validated on your CCR after 12 hours of volunteering with the SVA. This would be fun and easy to achieve by simply coming along to a few weekend projects or our larger connect the community events held twice a year. At each event the SVA team is able to scan you Canterbury card, tracking how many hours of volunteering you did that day.


Any students who want to add a bit extra to their University experience. Simply sign u to the CCR through UC career hub and start getting involved.


Any time throughout the academic year. It’s never too late to start clocking up some volunteer hours.

Click here to know how to sign up to CCR for SVA members