Recruitment for Exec 2018

Want to be a part of the SVA Exec Team for 2018? We're currently asking for applications for our 2018 committee and we would love you to put your name forward! To apply, send a cover letter including which positions you're applying for and why you're applying for them with a CV to by the 1st of September.

Make sure to specify what role you are applying for and why, as well as any previous involvement with SVA. Outlining key skills (especially for specialist roles such as Treasurer and the Comms Team) and how you'll balance the time commitment are also important. We advise you apply for more than one position, but make clear your preferred position if you have one. Please note that all of these positions will require commitment from the beginning of October 2017 till October 2018.

Our exec is made up of 6 key sub-teams and a total of 25 positions:

  1. Management Team

    • President

    • Vice President

    • Treasurer

    • Secretary

  2. Event/logistics Team

    • Event Managers (x4)

    • Logistics (x2)

  3. Comms/Marketing Team

    • Communication Manager

    • Marketing Managers (x2)

    • IT specialist

  4. People Operations

    • People Manager

    • Members Officer

    • Exec Officer

    • Community Officer

  5. Schools Team

    • In Schools Mentors (x3)

  6. Platoon Team

    • Platoon Leaders (x4)



  • Provides the Club with leadership and strategic direction;
  • Is the public representative of the Club;
  • Liaises and builds relationships with media and promotes the Club within and outside the community (external communication);
  • Seeks funding and sponsorship, in conjunction with the Vice President and Treasurer;
  • Prepares and presents a monthly update to the Volunteer Army Foundation (VAF), sponsors, and the community, and an annual report at the Annual General Meeting;
  • Is responsible for external communication and maintaining high value relationships in collaboration with Sub Committee Chairpersons, Patrons, and the VAF;
  • Is responsible for regular communication with the VAF and ensuring committee members are supported and cared for.


  • Functions as an understudy for the President;
  • Takes up leadership when required;
  • Seeks funding and sponsorship, in conjunction with the President and Treasurer;
  • Liaises and communicates with external advisory parties, primarily TP and the VAF;
  • Liaises and builds relationships with media and promotes the Club within and outside the community;
  • Communication: Works with Secretary on media releases and organising meetings and with Communications on key comms;
  • With the President, responsible for operational procedure for the SVA;
  • With the President, oversees all roles and ensures jobs are being completed;
  • Responsible for a successful handover period


  • Keeps proper books and is responsible for the accuracy of Club’s financial records;
  • Establishes an annual budget;
  • Keeps a record of equipment or property purchased including the cost, receipts and where such equipment is stored;
  • Prepares a budget for the major projects;
  • Prepares and presents a financial report on income and expenditure, assets and liabilities for the financial year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM);
  • Gives a brief financial summary at SVA executive committee meetings;
  • Assists the President and Secretary with applications for funding and sponsorship;
  • Manage transactions using the accounting software ‘Xero’.


  • Maintains a register of members working in conjunction with the IT Speciallist;
  • Attends all meetings and keeps accurate minutes of the proceedings;
  • Receives, reads and distributes all communications;
  • Conducts all correspondence to organisations;
  • Issues notices of meetings;
  • Ensures that the Club meets the requirements of, and registers as, an Incorporated Society with the Companies Office;
  • Ensures that affiliation of the Club to the student association is completed annually;
  • Works with the President, Secretary and Treasurer for sponsorship, in preparing applications;
  • Prepares and distributes media-releases;
  • Maintains relationships with alumni and is responsible for maintaining records of the clubs’ history.


Event Managers (x4)

  • Facilitates, organises and runs volunteering events that align with the SVA’s mission;
  • Delegates jobs to other executive committee members and coordinates all preparation for events;
  • Liaises with community groups and UC/UCSA for specific events;
  • Works with Treasurer to create initial annual budget;
  • Liaises with Logistics to secure gear for events;
  • Manages event calendar and fills the gaps if required.

Logistics Managers (x 2)

  • Keeps a record of equipment or property owned by the club;
  • Keeps track of who has borrowed equipment;
  • Books extra gear for events if required;
  • Organises gear maintenance;
  • Looks after club storage area;
  • Works with the Treasurer to establish what gear needs to be purchased;
  • Has a car, or at least regular access to a car, with a tow bar;
  • Vehicle maintenance (Insurance, WOF and Rego).
  • Must have a NZ full driver's license.


Communication Manager

  • Regularly updates Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;
  • Establishes a working relationship with the Canta Magazine to keep the UC community regularly updated;
  • Works with the President and Treasurer for sponsorship to create sponsorship proposals to outside organisations;
  • Archives media communications of the Club (e.g. news clippings, webpages);
  • Archives photos/videos/articles taken over the year;
  • Works in conjunction with the Webmaster to update contents of the Club website when required;
  • Sends out email updates to members regularly.

Marketing Managers (x2)
1. Digital Marketing

  • Creates digital marketing content for club events and for the club in general. Includes creating:
    • T-shirt/apparel design;
    • Event posters;
    • Event digital media (facebook banner, app banner, UC TV screens, etc.);
    • Promotional videos;
    • Event photography and videography;
    • Highlights videos.

2. Event Marketing

  • Responsible for managing and executing collateral event marketing, including:
    • Chalking;
    • Printing and distributing of posters on campus;
    • Advertising through UC TVs and publications;
    • Radio advertisements;
    • Hall visits;
    • Helps design T-shirts and organi ses their printing;
    • Assists in creating the ‘look’ of all outgoing material with digital marketing manager.

IT Specialist

  • Maintains and regularly updates the club website;
  • Maintains and regularly updates the club app;
  • Maintains a list of member details from Clubs Day and provides Communications with these details;
  • Helps with club technical issues (i.e. emails);
  • Maintains the Club Dropbox/Google drive account to keep record of all happenings;
  • Actively pursues improvements to the Club website to make the club work more efficiently and effectively in consultation with the executive committee;
  • Responsible for the texting system.


People Manager

  • Responsible for maintaining relationships with UC partners and furthering them where possible;
  • Has support from team of UC staff and access to marketing resources;
  • Seeks to align SVA’s strengths and events with UC marketing objectives;
  • Responsible for delivering a marketing campaign to promote the UC Co-Curricular Record to SVA volunteers and students in general;
  • Acts to maintain the welfare of club members.

Community Officer

  • Responsible for recording the impact of the SVA, measuring key statistics, reporting on events.

Exec Officer

  • Work with the President and Vice President to develop a leadership strategy;  
  • Responsible for implementing a leadership program for the club members and the executive members;
  • Ensure that all executives gain training in leadership and management before they begin to act in the respective roles. Training will continue throughout the year where necessary;
  • Responsible for planning and executing team building activities for executive members to engage in to maintain cohesion within the team;
  • Plan social activities for the executive where necessary;
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle within the executive body - this includes physical and mental wellbeing;
  • Manage any grievance presented to him or her as a neutral, unbiased party.

Members Officer

  • Work with the other platoon leaders to help organise weekend projects;
  • Responsible for recruitment and management of SVA Inter-hall reps (first years to help to advertise SVA in halls);
  • Responsible for inter-hall community shield competition between the halls and overall responsibility for tracking volunteer hours through the year;
  • Responsible for maintaining relationships with hall management;
  • Works on the Co-curricular Record and seeks to increase student participation in thi s.


In Schools Mentors (x 3)

  • Works closely with UC Liaison Team
  • Creates long lasting relationships with schools from the Canterbury Region;
  • Inspires students to begin their own volunteering initiatives in their schools, and act as mentors for students in this process;
  • Facilitates volunteer/community inspired talks in schools to engage students to volunteer;
  • Regular updates at weekly meetings.


Platoon Leaders (x 4)

  • Work together as a sub-committee to deliver weekend projects throughout the year;
  • Each platoon leader is responsible for organizing and facilitating one weekend project per term;
  • Work closely with the Communications Manager and Secretary to distribute projects that arise from public requests for SVA help;
  • Deliver marketing for events through SVA channels;
  • Work with treasurer to create budgets for projects;
  • May be asked to support events managers in planning large events .