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SVA Camp - Marlborough Sounds

Fancy a weekend away volunteering in the picturesque Marlborough Sounds? The UC Student Volunteer Army is heading north to assist in the building of the Link Pathways track that joins many of bays and coves together.

- Car pooling north (Friday)
- Camping (Friday/Saturday)
- Building the link pathway (Saturday)
- A wee bit of hydration, water slide, spotlight & BBQ (Saturday night)
- Car pooling home (Sunday)

You can purchase your tickets to the camp from here.

So after a week of lectures we will pack up our gear into the cars and hit the road at5pm, convoying north to Linkwater in the Marlborough Sounds. We’ll arrive a couple of hours later, meeting the advance party of the SVA Exec who have set up your accommodation for the next two nights.

The next morning you’ll wake up to one of the most beautiful views in the country, and after breakfast and packing some lunch we’ll be heading 10 minutes down the road to meet Rick Edmonds. Rick is a bit of a local legend, and the mastermind responsible for the 42km Link Pathway currently being built through the Sounds. We’ll be working on a 5km section of it, and will be the largest work party he’s ever had so brace yourself for some warm fuzzies from him! The work involved is helping to lay gravel and seal the pathway for public use, and our section which overlooks Ngakutu Bay is one of the prettiest parts of this track we’ve been told!

When the day is done, we’ll have a short drive down the road to the beach and have a well-deserved swim, having a blast with our own private sandy paradise. By that point you’ll be pretty hungry, and the massive SVA BBQ awaiting you back at the accommodation will be sure to fill you up!

The next morning after what will be no doubt a pretty late night, we’ll get up and head back to Christchurch to get everyone back by mid-afternoon. Your car decides where your lunch will be, with Kaikoura being a firm favourite of many who head that way.

So get a carload of your pals, and head north with us for an experience that your friends will struggle to top the following Monday!

You can purchase your tickets to the camp from here.

So you’ve bought your ticket, what do you need to bring?

You’ll need gear for the weekend away, most importantly a tent, appropriate clothing for volunteering and being outdoors. The only food you’ll need to provide is dinner for the first night and lunch on the way back. For gas we’re subsidising, but your carpool will need to split the remaining fuel costs there and back (the more in the car = cheaper it will be).

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